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Machine Wash Normal

Machine Wash Cold

Machine Wash Warm

Machine Wash Hot

Machine Wash Permanent Press

Machine Wash Cold Permanent Press

Machine Wash Warm Permanent Press

Machine Wash Hot Permanent Press

Machine Wash Gentle

Machine Wash Cold Gentle

Machine Wash Warm Gentle

Machine Wash Hot Gentle

Hand Wash Normal

Hand Wash Cold

Hand Wash Warm

Do Not Wash


Bleach When Needed

Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed

Do Not Bleach

NO Bleach


Tumble Dry Normal

Tumble Dry Normal Low Heat

Tumble Dry Normal Medium Heat

Tumble Dry Normal High Heat

Tumble Dry Normal No Heat

Tumble Dry Permanent Press

Tumble Dry Permanent Press Low Heat

Tumble Dry Permanent Press Medium Heat

Tumble Dry Permanent Press High Heat

Tumble Dry Gentle

Tumble Dry Gentle Low Heat

Tumble Dry Gentle Medium Heat

Tumble Dry Gentle High Heat

Tumble Dry Gentle No Heat

Do Not Tumble Dry

Do Not Dry

Line Dry

Line Dry In Shade

Drip Dry

Drip Dry In Shade

Dry Flat

Lay Flat To Dry

Dry Flat In Shade


Do Not Wring


Iron Any Temperature Steam or Dry 

Iron Low Heat

Iron Medium Heat 

Iron High Heat

Do Not Steam

Iron Low No Steam 

Iron Medium No Steam

Iron High No Steam

Do Not Iron

Dry clean

Dry clean Any Solvent

Dry clean Petroleum Solvent Only

Dry clean Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene

Dry clean Low Heat

Dry clean No Steam

Dry clean Reduced Moisture

Dry Clean Short Cycle

Dry clean Any Solvent Low Heat

Dry clean Any Solvent No Steam

Dry clean Any Solvent Reduced Moisture

Dry clean Any Solvent Short Cycle

Do Not Dry clean

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